The ACM Master of Arts in Art History (MAAH) focuses on the visual cultures of the Mediterranean from antiquity to the present. It emphasizes first-hand research in various museums, architectural monuments, and archaeological sites in Europe and North Africa. The MAAH program cultivates interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approaches for researching the material cultures and artistic exchanges in the Mediterranean throughout the ages. The program has three Tracks: (1) an art history track; (2) a museum-studies track; and (3) a fine-art track.

The one-year MAAH program based in France, Spain, and North Africa provides the students with the opportunity to conduct their research and do their internships in various museums in Europe and North Africa. The ACM MAAH degree can be completed in 12 months of full-time study. It consists of thirty-six art history credits, six credits of foreign language, and the writing of a Master’s Thesis. The degree is designed to serve as preparation for Ph.D. level study in art history, and graduates will be prepared to work in museums, art galleries, or as teachers and independent guides.

Degree Requirements

The MAAH is a forty-two credit, one-year program consisting of three tracks:

  • Art History
  • Museum Studies
  • Fine Arts


Semester I (15 credits)

All students take five courses in their first semester depending on their chosen track.

All students will take:

  • ART/ARH 500: Methodology and Research in Art History (3 credits)
  • ART/ARH 515: The Master's Forum - Gateway to the Arts of the World: Theory and Practice (3 credits)
  • French Language Course (3 credits)

Students in the Art-History and Museum-Studies tracks will additionally take:

  • MSM/ARH 537: History of Museums - The Memory of Mankind from Prehistory to Nowadays (3 credits)
  • One Art History Course (3 credits)

Students in the Fine-Art track will additionally take:

  • ART/ARH/PHI 509: Art Criticism & Aesthetics Seminar I (3 credits)
  • ART 505: Drawing & Painting Studio I (3 credits)

January Term (3 credits)

MAAH students will take advantage of the ACM’s plethora of January term/Intersession programs which are multi-country traveling seminars, many of which explore the art, and cultures of the countries visited. All students will participate in a January Term Seminar chosen from the current list of available programs.

Semester II (18 credits)

All students will take:

  • ART/ARH 600: Thesis Research Seminar (3 credits)
  • French Language Course (3 credits)

Students in the Art History track will additionally take:

  • MSM/ARH 591: Museums Today: Mission and Challenges (Museology Seminar) (3 credits) 
  • Three Art History Courses (9 credits)

Students in the Museum Studies track will additionally take:

  • MSM/ARH 591: Museums Today: Mission and Challenges (Museology Seminar) (3 credits) 
  • Art History Course (3 credits)
  • Museum Studies Course (3 credits)
  • Internship Course (3 credits)

Students in the Fine Arts track will additionally take:

  • ART/ARH/PHI 510: Art Criticism & Aesthetics Seminar II (3 credits)
  • ART 506: Drawing & Painting Studio II (3 credits)
  • Two Art History Courses (6 credits)

Summer (6 credits)

All students will participate in an internship (3 credits) and will take one additional art history course (3 credits) while completing their master's thesis.

  • ART 741: Art Internship: May-July (3 credits) Students will submit regular reports to their advisors with a final report in July.
  • One Art History Course: June-July (3 credits)

Master’s Thesis:
  Each student will have two thesis advisors assigned in their second semester. All students will need to defend their thesis in front of a committee that consists of three professors. The thesis defense is open to the public. Students will attend graduation ceremony but will only receive their diploma upon the submission and successful completion of their Master’s Thesis.

Total = 42 credits

Language and Culture

All students admitted into the program will be required to take French language and culture in Fall and Spring semesters of the program. If admitted students are Francophone speakers with high proficiency they will fulfill the language requirement in either Arabic or Spanish.

Field Studies & Research

A defining characteristic of ACM programs is the synthesis of academic and experiential learning. MAAH candidates will have the chance to conduct field study and short-term research in Paris, Giverny, and Venice in contact courses as well as an array of cities during the J-Term traveling seminar.


Students will have the opportunity to be placed in internships in various museums and galleries in the region including the renowned Atelier Cézanne and the Musée Granet in Aix-en-Provence. Students will receive three credits for their internship submitting regular reports to their advisors with a final report in July.


Art History

ART/ARH 401: Introduction to Art History: Prehistory to Modern Times
ARC/ARH 512: European & Mediterranean Prehistoric Art and Archaeology
ARC/ARH 513: Powers and Identities in the Ancient Mediterranean
ART/ARH 520: Picasso, Matisse, and the Mediterranean
ARC/ARH 531: Archaeology, Art, and Architecture of Ancient Provence (in French)
ART/ARH 540: The Mediterranean and Beyond: Cross-Cultural Studies in Medieval Art and Architecture
ART/ARH 541: Islamic Art and Architecture in Europe
ART/ARH 542: Artistic Encounters in the Mediterranean: Cross-Cultural Perspectives in European Art
ART/ARH 563: Baroque Art and Architecture
ART/ARH 581: The XIXth Century and French Impressionism
ART/ARH 582: Cézanne and Van Gogh
ART/ARH 600: Thesis Research Seminar

Museum Studies

MSM/ARH 558: Curating Arts in the 21st Century: Challenges and Practices
MSM/ARH 591: Museums Today: Mission and Challenges (Museology Seminar)
MSM/ARH 537: History of Museums: The Memory of Mankind from Prehistory to Nowadays

Critical Studies

ART/ARH/PHI 509 Art Criticism and Aesthetics Seminar I
ART/ARH/PHI 510 Art Criticism and Aesthetics Seminar II

Studio Arts Courses for Fine Arts Track

ART 505 Painting and Drawing I
ART 506 Painting and Drawing II


Students will be placed at appropriate levels for acquisition. 


Students will participate in the course of their chosen J-Term seminar.


ART 741 Art Internship


ACM faculty is comprised of experts in their fields. Both academics and professionals in their field, ACM faculty provide the MAAH the academic depth and the real-life experience necessary for a well-rounded Art History education.

For program-related questions, please contact Dr. Yumna Masarwa, Director of the ACM School of Art.

For admissions-related questions, please contact the U.S. Office of Admissions at or 1-800-221-2051.